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May 1, 2014 9:00am PDT
in berlin with german chancellor uncle a merkel. president bush said the state tv when you reach an agreement to urge russia to play in response to rule in the international community the us and european union have been trying to pressure put on by broadening sanctions against senior russian officials and companies. european borders cannot will not be changed through political and intimidation or military force. we have to be resolute in imposing costs. russian leaders have denied their behind the turmoil in to criticize the sanctions they say they won't retaliate songs yet it was solution to the swiss foreign minister sergei lavrov says they want o give others the opportunity to calm down he seemed far from home on the ground in eastern ukraine as the separatists expand their reach. government troops stay well away manng checkpoints on the outskirts of the occupied region to make matters worse ukraine is deeply and dad the international monetary fund is thrown in the seventeen billion dollar lifeline. we are trying to improve the situation so that the stability is restored but i
Apr 30, 2014 8:30pm PDT
angela merkel to resolve the crisis in ukraine ave is on the six nation tour of europe the two leaders met for an hour in berlin and held a joint news conference on wednesday. gemini is the first stop on this tour they called the talks very significant he said they discussed ukraine and cooperation in security economic and social fields as well as human and intellectual exchanges. i know it we reached agreement on urging russia to play a responsible role in the international community all like to expect the odd coupling and it might really have closely watched in ukraine. we expect the president a lexington to go smoothly on a twenty five it's a good thing she threw up in place emergency support of more than four hundred fifteen thousand dollars to the council of europe. he also offered about six hundred nine thousand dollars to international monitors in ukraine where do with the organization for security and cooperation in europe tokyo police i investigating the connection between gun as ambassador to japan as alleged involvement in an illegal casino. the business operated out of the
Apr 29, 2014 8:30pm PDT
and security available thompson berlin with chancellor angela merkel expected to discuss how they and other leaders of the group of seven nations can cooperate over the situation in ukraine before reading on the toronto said he wanted to work with european leaders to resolve the crisis peacefully he helps improve security cooperation with the germans be someone calls japan's pro active contribution to peace over the next week. abbott will also visit britain portugal spain france and belgium. the european union added fifteen more people to its sanctions list for their role in the crisis in ukraine they include general valerie dear awesome auntie for the russian general staff and russian deputy prime minister to meet recalls that. eu representatives say the move was in response to russia's failure to take concrete action to reduce tensions in ukraine. also on the list is danny's push allin of pro russian leader in ukraine's eastern region of donetsk it's believed he has contacts with the group occupying local government offices that the new. and the united states also agreed to step up sancti
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3